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2019 REA Refresher Course


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2019 REA Refresher Course


Price: $ 139.95+GST

REA Refresher Course (10 hours) Verified

This course is only for those coming off voluntary suspension or when required by the REA
In this course, you will review four topics:

* Section A: REA Licensing Regime

* Section B: Overview of the Code of Conduct

* Section C: Disclosure and Misrepresentation

*Section D: Managing Conflicts of Interest

$139.95 (+GST)

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Refresher Course
Introduction - REA
Introduction - Info Sources and Revision Topics 2014
Section A : REA
Section A : REA - Licensing Regime
Introduction - REA - Licensing Regime cont 1
Quiz A Quiz 1
Section A : Applying for a licence
Section A : Conditions of your licence
Section A : Licence exemptions
Section A : Length of suspension and fees
Section A : Licence renewal process
Section A : Change of circumstances
Section A : Non-Verifiable continuing education
Quiz A Quiz 2
Section A : Temporary exemption
Section A : Displaying of Information
Quiz A Quiz 3
Section B : Fair Trading Act 1986
Section B : Contractual Remedies Act 1979
Section B : Damages for Misrepresentation - CRA1979
Section B : Cancellation of Contract - CRA1979
Quiz B Quiz 1
Section B : Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992
Section B : REA (Professional Conduct and Client Care) Rules 2012
Section B : Objectives of the Real Estate Agents Act
Section B : Changes from the previous rules
Section B : Other changes in the Rules
Section B : REA (Professional Conduct and Client Care) Rules 2012
Quiz B Quiz 2
Section B : Duties and Obligations of Agents
Section B : Client and Customer Care
Section B : Agency Agreements and Contractual Documents
Section B : Conflict of Interest
Section B : Confidentiality
Quiz B Quiz 3
Section B : Client and Customer Care for sellers' agent
Section B : Agency Agreements
Section B : Contractual documentation
Section B : Client and customer care for buyer’s agents
Section B : Information about complaints
Quiz B Quiz 4
Section C - Introduction
Section C - Disclosure
Quiz C Quiz 1
Section C - Mispresentation
Section C -Real Estate Act Rules regarding misrepresentation
Section C - Fair Trading Act 1986
Section C - Implications of the Fair Trading Act for real estate
Section C - Misleading and deceptive conduct; Fair Trading Act 2008
Section C - Who may be misled?
Section C - Representations
Quiz C Quiz 2
Section C - Advertising
Section C - Examples
Section C - Photographs
Section C - False representations
Section C - False representations - continued 1
Section C - The nature of the interest in land
Section C - The existence or availability of facilities
Section C - Penalties and remedies
Section C - Disclaimers
Quiz C Quiz 3
Section C - Disclosure and misrepresentation
Section C - Misleading and deceptive conduct
Section C - NZREADT 19 [2011]
Section C - Water rights
Quiz C Quiz 4
Section D - Introduction
Section D - Managing conflict of interest
Section D - Conflict of interest
Quiz D Quiz 1
Section D - Are conflict of interests A bad thing?
Section D - A licensee must...
Quiz D Quiz 2
Section D - A case study in conflict of interest and non-disclosure
Section D - What the Supreme Court considered
Section D - What the Supreme Court considered continued 1
Quiz D Quiz 3
Disclosure of Other Benefits - Section 136 REA
Client Consent for License to Acquire Interest in Property
Client Consent for License to Acquire Interest in Property - continued
REA Code of Conduct
REA Code of Conduct Q&A
Satisfaction Survey