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Become a Better Learner

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Become a Better Learner

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There was a time when what you learned in school before entering the workforce would be all you needed to know for the rest of your career. That is no longer the case, as today skills can become outdated very quickly. The rapid evolution of workplace technologies and best practices means you need to keep your skills current. You must truly be a life-long learner and can no longer rely on what you already know.The definition of learning is the process of acquiring new, or modifying existing knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, or preferences. It is a means of honing our skills, enriching our minds, and changing the way we see things in the world.This one-day course will help you to become a better learner, and as a result make you a more valuable employee and well-rounded individual.

Table of Contents

Becoming a Better Learner

  1. Course Overview
  2. Adopting the Best Mindset for Learning
  3. Taking Better Notes
  4. Setting and Managing Goals
  5. Expanding Your Network
  6. The Whole Picture
  7. Mind and Body
  8. How You Can Accelerate Your Learning
  9. Post-Course Assessment