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Disability Awareness: Working with People with Disabilities

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Disability Awareness: Working with People with Disabilities

Price: $ 49.95+GST

People with disabilities represent a significant and largely underutilized resource for businesses. Many disabled persons are underemployed or unemployed. As a result of advocates for diversity, as well as a shrinking labor pool, employers are taking a serious look at hiring and retaining people with disabilities. This course will give supervisors, managers, and human resource consultants tools and tips for creating a diverse workplace.

Table of Contents

Disability Awareness – Working with People with Disabilities

  1. Course Overview
  2. Setting the Stage
    • Policies and Procedures
  3. Safety Procedures Basics
    • Developing Safety Procedures
    • Developing a Safety Procedures Template
  4. Flowcharting
    • Organizing the Steps in the Procedure
    • Constructing a Flowchart
  5. Gathering Information
    • Brainstorming
  6. Procedure Writing Guidelines for Writing Procedures
  7. Honing the Draft Procedure
    • Communication Aids
  8. Some Other Methods
    • Step-by-Step Procedures
    • Playscript
    • Decision Trees
    • Decision Tables
  9. Procedures Building
  10. Personal Action Plan
  11. Recommended Reading List
  12. Post-Course Assessment