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Creating a Positive Work Environment

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Creating a Positive Work Environment

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Not all of us have had the opportunity to work in a truly positive work environment. A positive work environment is important for the productivity of a company but it is also important to us personally. Our emotional and physical health can be improved by working in a positive work environment. We should wake up each morning wanting to go to work - not trying to think of excuses to not go. We want to be proud of where we work and enjoy telling others about where we work. As an employee or a leader within a company you have a responsibility to create and maintain a positive work environment. Everyone has a responsibility to create and maintain a positive work environment. Even if this is not a companywide reality you can seek to provide this type of environment for your department/ division or those within your sphere of influence. This course will give you tools to be able to create the type of company environment that you crave through building and nurturing effective workplace relationships.

Table of Contents

Creating a Positive Work Environment

  1. Course Overview
  2. What Does a Positive Environment Look Like
    • Introduction
    • Characteristics of a Positive Work Environment
  3. What Can I Do?
    • As an Employee
    • As a Leader
  4. Team Player
    • Team Member Roles and Responsibilities
  5. Effective Workplace Relationships
    • Teams
    • Working Cooperatively
    • Managing Conflict
    • Self-Assessment
    • Preventing Problems
    • Dealing with Problems
    • Meeting Management
  6. Conclusion
  7. Personal Action Plan
  8. Recommended Reading List
  9. Post-Course Assessment