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REA CPD - Land Information Memoranda (LIMs)

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REA CPD - Land Information Memoranda (LIMs)

Price: $ 29.95+GST

REA Verified Continuing Professional Development Elective 1 1/2 hour course on Land Information Memorandum (LIM)

Table of Contents

Real Estate CPD - LIMs, covers the following information:

  • Contents
  • Learning outcomes
  • Terms used in this guide
  • Introduction
  • Part One: Significance of the LIM
  • What is a LIM?
  • Common issues with LIMs
  • Part Two: Content of a LIM
  • What information is contained in a LIM?
  • What information is not contained in a LIM?
  • Resource consent
  • Other council information
  • Building Act 2004 and the Building Code
  • Zoning
  • The council's role in gathering information for a LIM
  • Some Issues with LIMs
  • Property file
  • Part Three: The LIM in the Sale and Purchase process
  • Preparation for the agency agreement
  • Interactions with potential buyers
  • The sale and purchase agreement
  • From sale and purchase agreement date to unconditional date (Due diligence)
  • Part Four: What should you be looking for in a LIM?
  • Issues with council records
  • Common issues the LIM highlights
  • Red flags from inspection requiring investigation
  • Part Five: Misleading and deceptive behaviour
  • Misleading and deceptive behaviour regarding the LIM
  • Part Six: Other people who may need involvement
  • Involvement of your supervisor or manager
  • Interaction with council personnel
  • Part Seven: Recording and reporting
  • Recording and reporting issues