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From Boss to Leader

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From Boss to Leader

Price: $ 49.95+GST

How do you make sure you are not a bad boss? How do you develop into a good leader who provides guidance and motivation while showing integrity and modelling the behaviors you want to see in your team? This one-day course will arm participants with what they need to know to transform from a boss to a great leader.

After completing this course, participants will know the characteristics of bad bosses and good leaders, understand how those who hold management positions can develop into good leaders, know the elements of leading by example, understand the importance of good communication and effective feedback, and know how to use emotional intelligence.

Table of Contents

1. Course Overview
Learning Objectives
Pre-Course Assessment
2. Good Boss versus Bad Boss
Bad Bosses, Part One
Bad Bosses, Part Two
Bad Bosses, Part Three
Good Bosses, Part One
Good Bosses, Part Two
Team Player Activity
3. The Boss as a Leader
The Boss, Part One
The Boss, Part Two
Admirable Leaders
Behaviors of Leaders
Set Reasonable Goals
Lead, not Dictate
Be Humble
Be Responsible
Pick Your Battles
Lead by Example, Part One
Lead by Example, Part Two
Lead by Example, Part Three
Attitude is Everything
4. Communication is Key
Communication Skills, Part One
Communication Skills, Part Two
Mastering the Art of Communication
High Stakes
Characteristics of Effective
Feedback, Part One
Characteristics of Effective
Feedback, Part Two
Providing Feedback
5. Common Sense
Using Common Sense, Part One
Using Common Sense, Part Two
The Key to Successful
6. The Science Behind Good Leadership
Be Nice, Not Tough, Part One
Be Nice, Not Tough, Part Two
Work-Life Balance
Negative Attitude
Feeling Valued
Team Building Activities
Rewards Program
Reward Example
Celebrating Your Team
7. Emotional Intelligence
Displaying Emotional
Fostering Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence Activity
Employing Emotional
Response 1
Response 2
Response 3
8. Elements of Success
Additional Tips
Taking Action
9. Personal Action Plan
Starting Point
Where I Want to Go
How I Will Get There
10. Course Summary
11. Recommended Reading List
12. Post-Course Assessment