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Successfully Managing Change

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Successfully Managing Change

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Change is something that excites people who love opportunities for growth, to see and learn about new things, or who like to shift the status quo. Some changes, however, are harder to adjust to and lead to expressions of resistance and anger. We can take concrete steps to make change more palatable by understanding peoples hesitation, enlisting the help of others, setting up plans, and managing stressors. These steps can also ensure that desired changes are implemented successfully.

This course covers how to manage and cope with change and how to help those around you, too. Topics explored include understanding, accepting and reacting to change; and strategies for assisting with change to be accepted and implemented in the workplace.

Table of Contents

1. Course Overview
Learning Objectives
Pre-Course Assessment
2. What is Change?
Leading Thinking, Part One
Leading Thinking, Part Two
Leading Thinking, Part Three
Change and Transition
Self-Reflection Activity
The Change Cycle
Transitions and The Neutral Zone
3. What is Change Management?
The Three Phases
Keep in Mind
Benefits of Change Management Insights
4. The Human Reaction to Change
Control and Change
Relating to Your Workplace
The Four-Room Apartment
Your Room Discussion
5. The Pace of Change
The Trend of Change, Part One
The Trend of Change, Part Two
The Trend of Change, Part Three
Why 20 Per Cent?
Who Are You?
Positive Change Activity
6. Dealing with Resistance
Understanding Resistance, Part One
Understanding Resistance, Part Two
Analyzing Successful Change
Making Change Stick: Action Planning
Making Change Stick: Reinforcement
Strengthening a Change
7. Adapting to Change
Adjusting Your Attitude
Some Facts about Attitude
Overcoming the Fear of Change
Understanding Resiliency
Applying the Five Keys
Pre-Assignment Review
8. Coping with Reactions to Change
Stress Management
Dealing with the Stress
9. Delivering Your Message
Delivering a Clear Message
Check for Understanding
10. Action Plan
Developing an Action Plan
11. Personal Action Plan
Starting Point
Where I Want to Go
How I Will Get There
12. Course Summary
13. Recommended Reading List
14. Post-Course Assessment