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Influence and Persuasion

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Influence and Persuasion

Price: $ 49.95+GST

When we talk about influence and persuasion, we often talk about marketing and sales. However, we influence in many ways and with great frequency. This course will teach you how to speak with influence and persuasion.

In this course, you will learn how to speak persuasively, communicate with confidence, build rapport, develop a strong presentation, and leverage storytelling. Youll also receive an introduction to basic neuro linguistic programming techniques.

Table of Contents

1. Course Overview
2. Understanding Persuasion
How Persuasion Works
Pre-Assignment Review
3. Preparing to Persuade
Pushing and Pulling
Communicating with Confidence
Frame of Reference
4. Getting Off on the Right Foot
Building Rapport
Matching and Mirroring
5. Presentation Strategies
Five Points for Any Presentation
Preparing with the Five S Pattern
6. Using Stories to Persuade
The Importance of Story
Storytelling Time
7. Using Neuro Linguistic Programming
Defining Neuro Linguistic Programming
A Brief History
Understanding Common NLP Terms
Embedding Positive or Negative Commands
Influencing Outcomes
8. Personal Action Plan
9. Recommended Reading List
10. Post-Course Assessment