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Facilitation Skills

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Facilitation Skills

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With its focus on asking rather than telling, and listening to build consensus, facilitation is the new leadership ideal. This course will introduce you to this core competency and give you practical ways to apply it in the workplace.

In this course, you will learn what facilitation is, skills that a facilitator should have, and the different skill levels of a facilitator. Then, you will learn some basic facilitation techniques, including ground rules, differentiating between content and process, bringing divergent and convergent thinking together, degrees of support, managing difficult participants, building sustainable agreements, and more. Supporting skills, such as communication, feedback, and team building, are also covered.

Table of Contents

1. Course Overview
2. Defining Your Role
Facilitation, Training, and Chairing
Making Connections
3. How Facilitators Work
Key Skills
Facilitation Skill Levels
Facilitation at a Glance
4. Establishing Ground Rules
5. Content and Process
6. Types of Thinking
Divergent Thinking and Convergent Thinking
Grey Matters
7. Handling Controversial Issues
8. Communication Skills
Getting Started
Active Listening
Asking Questions
Non-Verbal Messages
9. Listening For Common Ground
10. Common Facilitation Techniques
Top Techniques
Making Connections
11. Providing Effective Feedback
Giving Feedback
The Feedback Process
One Step Further
12. Managing Divergent Perspectives
13. The Language of Facilitation
Applying the Language
Case Study
14. Building Agendas
15. Dealing with Difficult Dynamics
Mix and Match
12 Easy Ways to Intervene
16. Building Sustainable Agreements
17. Stages of Team Development
The Five Stages
Making Connections
18. Analysis Tools
19. Personal Action Plan
20. Recommended Reading List
21. Post-Course Assessment