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Managing Customer Service

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Managing Customer Service

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The need to lead, model, and promote the organizational values within a customer service environment is essential for business success. This course will provide you with opportunities to explore your responsibilities within your role as a leader (supervisor or manager) in a customer service environment.

Table of Contents

1. Course Overview
Learning Objectives
What Are You Focusing On? Part One
What Are You Focusing On? Part Two
What Are You Focusing On? Part Three
What Are You Focusing On? Part Four
What Are You Focusing On? Part Five
What Are You Focusing On? Part Six
Discussion Questions
Pre-Course Assessment
2. Six Critical Elements
Critical Elements of Customer Service
Element One: A Customer Service Focus
The Three Beliefs
Element Two: Procedures
Drafting Standards
Element Three: Culture Part One
Element Three: Culture Part Two
Element Four: Problem-Solving
Seven Steps to Customer Problem Solving
Role Play
Situation One: Happy Burgers
Situation Two: Your Cash Bank
Situation Three: Acme Widgets Inc.
Situation Four: Fresh Veggies
Situation Five: Leaky Pipes
Situation Six: We Fix It
Element Five: Measurement
Element Six: Reinforcement
Developing and Maintaining
Phrases for Customer Service Success
Ten Most Helpful Phrases
Ten Least Helpful Phrases
Measurement in Practice
Situation One
Situation Two
Situation Three
Situation Four
3. Understanding Leadership
About Leadership
Understanding Your Comfort Zone
Our Comfort Level
Managing Performance
Servant Leadership
The Heart of Leadership
Onboarding and Orientation Part One
Onboarding and Orientation Part Two
Onboarding and Orientation Part Three
4. Five Practices of Leadership
Challenging, Inspiring, and Enabling
Challenge the Process
Making Connections
Inspire a Shared Vision
Enable Others to Act
Making Connections
Modeling and Heart
Committing to Recognition
Practices in Practice
Pre-Assignment Review
5. Personal Action Plan
Starting Point
Where I Want to Go
How I Will Get There
6. Course Summary
7. Recommended Reading List
8. Post-Course Assessment