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Developing Your Training Program

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Developing Your Training Program

Price: $ 49.95+GST

Successful training programs are meaningful, practical, and beneficial to both trainees and the organizations they work for. This course will give you a step-by-step guide for developing a great training program.

You will start this course by considering what training is, when it is necessary, and what other options are out there. Then, you will learn the ICE method for identifying needs, a seven-step model for instructional design, and tips for building an engaging program. Next, you will walk through the steps of program design, including setting learning objectives, identifying evaluation strategies, choosing learning methodologies, finding content, creating energizers, using assessment tools, developing supporting materials, and testing the program. You will also receive tips on creating a proposal for a training program and building rapport with company sponsors.

Table of Contents

1. Course Overview
2. Program Design
Training Program
When is Training Necessary?
Alternatives to Training
Essential Elements
Communicating Training
3. Identifying Needs
The ICE Method
Building Your Training Needs Analysis
4. The Training Model
Basic Principles
Building an Engaging Program
Instructional Systems Design Model
5. The Program’s Basic Outline
Learning Objectives
Objectives Exercise
6. Evaluation Strategies
Methods of Evaluation
Evaluating the Evaluation
Evaluations Exercise
7. Defining Your Approach Methodology
Five Tips for Top Notch Results
Approaches to Learning: A Lesson in Itself
8. Researching and Developing Content
Researching Content
Content Considerations
9. Pre-Assignments in Training
10. Choosing Openings and Energizers
11. Training Instruments, Assessments, and Tools
12. Creating Supporting Materials
13. Testing the Program
14. Creating Proposals
Organizing Your Proposal
Proposal for a Training Program
15. Building Rapport
16. Pulling it all Together
17. Personal Action Plan
18. Recommended Reading List
19. Post-Course Assessment