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Conference and Event Management

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Conference and Event Management

Price: $ 49.95+GST

Whether youre planning a small anniversary party or a big conference, the basic event management principles are the same. This course will give you an effective and well-planned design that can be used over and over again for any type of event.

In this course, you will learn all the essentials of event planning, including setting objectives, budgeting, using committees, advertising, choosing a venue, selecting a menu, developing takeaway items, gathering feedback for the plan, hosting the event, and evaluating how it all went.

Table of Contents

1. Course Overview
2. Event Planning Essentials
Identifying Key Event Elements
Setting Goals and Objectives
Getting Organized
3. Budgeting Basics
Pre-Assignment Review
The Real Budget
Getting Strict About the Budget
4. Using the Committee Approach
Getting the Right People
Doing the Right Things
Doing Delegation Right
5. Connecting with Partners and Sponsors
Benefits of Support
Step Up and Ask!
6. Advertising and Marketing
Getting the Word Out
The “Touch” Factor
Take-Away Planning
7. Selecting the Venue
8. Feeding the Masses
Setting up the Menu
Finding Food Solutions
9. Business Etiquette Basics
Don’t Be Afraid!
The Edge of Etiquette
Think Space!
10. Celebrating Diversity
What Does It Mean?
Diversity Assessment
11. Creating an Atmosphere of Service
Introduction to Customer Service
Critical Elements of Customer Service
12. Selecting Speakers and a Master of Ceremonies
People in Your Event
People in Practice
13. Managing Contracts
14. Gathering Feedback
Gathering Feedback from Delegates
Gathering Feedback from the Client
Designing Feedback
15. Adding the Finishing Touches
16. Event Day Roles
Things to Do
Managing Your Image
17. Closing the Event
Creating the Conference Report
Holding the Post-Event Meeting and Thanking Those Involved
18. Practicing Planning
Creating an Event Plan Draft Presentations
19. Personal Action Plan
20. Recommended Reading List
21. Post-Course Assessment