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Business Succession Planning

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Business Succession Planning

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Change is a hallmark of todays business world, especially in terms of the workforce. Succession planning can help you make the most of that change by ensuring that when someone leaves, there is someone ready to take their place.

This course will teach you how to develop and maintain a succession plan with the SUCCESS model, which includes developing a system, identifying resources, creating risk assessments, developing action plans, implementing those plans, and evaluating the results.

Table of Contents

1. Course Overview
2. A Need for Succession Planning
3. Defining a Succession Plan
Strong Leaders and a Strong
Components of the Plan
Setting the Scope
4. Pre-Assignment Review
5. Identifying Resources and Analyzing Risks
Identifying Resources
Risk Assessment
6. Defining Roles, Responsibilities, and Functions
Individualized Engagement Plans
Working the Plan
7. Gathering Information
8. Forecasting Needs
Key Ingredients of a Successful Plan
Coaching and Mentoring
9. Putting the Plan Together
Using Appreciative Inquiry (AI)
How to Choose the Leader
10. Putting the Plan into Action
Phased Implementation Technology
11. Evaluating and Reviewing the Plan
Evaluation Challenges
Sample Evaluation
Check Out the Checklist
12. Your Action Plan
Plan and Then Do
Next Steps
13. Personal Action Plan
14. Recommended Reading List
15. Post-Course Assessment