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Story Marketing for Small Businesses

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Story Marketing for Small Businesses

Price: $ 49.95+GST

Cultures both ancient and modern have strong storytelling traditions. Our brains are wired to share and process information through storytelling. Information presented as a story has the power to inform, influence and motivate.Story marketing is the process of attracting and engaging customers through story their story, rather than yours. Instead of the buy our product messages of typical marketing campaigns, story marketing tells the customer story and motivates them to connect with your company as a solution to their problem or way to a better life. This one-day course will highlight the essentials of story marketing for your small business: story marketing tools, storytelling basics, and how to write and refine your own story for marketing to your target audience.

This course covers the essential elements of a story marketing campaign, from a review of company message and brand, to the elements of good storytelling. The course leads participants through the steps of creating a marketing story knowing your company, knowing and connecting with customers, and the story writing and editing process. This creates a clear and engaging path that will lead customers to your products and services and encourage them to respond to your call to action.

Table of Contents

1. Course Overview
Learning Objectives
Pre-Course Assessment
2. Story Marketing Toolkit
Which Came First: The Chicken or The Egg?
What Does This Have to Do with Story Marketing?
The Ingredients
The Menu
What Is Your Story Idea?
Your Inspiration
Pre-Assignment Review
Your Toolkit
Toolbox Inventory Activity
3. Storytelling Essentials
What Exactly is a Story?
Enter the Story
Ingredients of a Good Story, Part One
Ingredients of a Good Story, Part Two
Ingredients of a Good Story, Part Three
Identifying a Hero, Challenge, and Resolution
Story for Your Brand, Part One
Story for Your Brand, Part Two
A Story Within a Story
Setting Goals
The Truth Test
Positive vs. Negative
4. Connecting with Customers
Connecting with Customers, Part One
Connecting with Customers, Part Two
The Customer Is the Hero, Part One
The Customer Is the Hero, Part Two
Understanding Your Customers Brainstorming
5. Refining Your Brand
Refining Your Brand
Understanding Your Company
How Well Do You Know Your Company?
Inventory of Key Company Facts
Identifying Your Message, Part One
Identifying Your Message, Part Two
Identifying Your Message, Part Three
Not Sure Where to Start?
Keywords, Part One
Keywords, Part Two
Strengthening Your Brand
Taking Stock
6. Building Your Story
Show and Tell, Part One
Show and Tell, Part Two
Parts of Your Story
What About the Villain?
Heroes and Villains
Plan for Success
The Final Stage: Success
Consider the Evolution of the Story With This Example
Your Story Board
Writing Your Story
Getting Started
Rough Draft
7. Polishing Your Story
Polishing a Rough Draft, Part One
Polishing a Rough Draft, Part Two
Color Commentary, Part One
Color Commentary, Part Two
Adding Color
The Editing Process, Part One
The Editing Process, Part Two
Editing Checks
Peer Review, Part One
Peer Review, Part Two
8. Personal Action Plan
Starting Point
Where I Want to Go
How I Will Get There
9. Course Summary
10. Recommended Reading List
11. Post-Course Assessment