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Making Your Business Better

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Making Your Business Better

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A business begins with a great idea. Relationships and company values define the path to success. These are significant for start-ups, as well as for established companies and institutions.Everyone needs a strategic plan to grow their company. The right tools, team, and methods are essential to ensure the success and longevity of your enterprise.

This course demonstrates how various factors work together to ensure a company flourishes. Students will be guided through positioning and pricing, marketing, selling, negotiating, responding to RFQs, project management, team building, productivity, and strategic planning.Other courses that may be of interest to the student are Building Your Self Esteem and Assertiveness Skills, Business Leadership, Business Ethics in the Office, Creating a Positive Work Environment, and Getting Stuff Done - Personal Development Boot Camp.

Table of Contents

1. Course Overview
Learning Objectives
Pre-Course Assessment
2. Positioning and Pricing
Knowing What You Sell, Part One
Knowing What You Sell, Part Two
Knowing What You Sell, Activity
Examining the Positioning
Supply Chain Activity
Elements of Pricing, Part One
Elements of Pricing, Part Two
Elements of Pricing Activity
3. Marketing
Your Business Culture
Elements of Culture Activity
Understanding Your Customers
Customer Values
Marketing Essentials, Part One
Marketing Essentials, Part Two
Marketing Essentials, Part Three
Your USP Activity Part One
Your Marketing Outline
4. Selling and Negotiating
Making the Sale
Seller and Contact Activity
Relationship Model of Selling, Part One
Relationship Model Activity
Elements of Negotiation
Social and Emotional Intelligence, Part One
Social and Emotional Intelligence, Part Two
Styles of Negotiation
Negotiating a Style Activity
5. Request for Proposals (RFPs)
Understanding Proposals
Responding to an RFP
RFP Activity
6. Project Management
Elements of Project Management
Creating a Project Plan
Work Structure Breakdown
Work Structure Breakdown Activity
Organizing the Tasks, Part One
Organizing the Tasks, Part Two
Work Breakdown Structure Revisited
7. Team Building and Productivity
Individual Relationship Skills
Healthy Workplace Culture, Part One
Healthy Workplace Culture, Part Two
Core Values
Core Values Activity
Building a Team
Leadership Skills
8. Strategic Planning
A Strategic Plan
Ingredients of a Good Strategic Plan
Detailed Description
USP Review
Core Values and Guiding Principles, Part One
Core Values and Guiding Principles, Part Two
Core Values Revisited
Strengths and Opportunities
Guiding Principles Revisited
Assembling the Action Plan
Assemble the Strategic Action Plan
9. Personal Action Plan
Starting Point
Where I Want to Go
How I Will Get There
10. Course Summary
11. Recommended Reading List
12. Post-Course Assessment