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Public Speaking: Presentation Survival School

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Public Speaking: Presentation Survival School

Price: $ 49.95+GST

This course will teach you how to manage your thoughts, body language, nervousness, and speech patterns to present yourself professionally. Youll also learn how to present at meetings, use the five-S pattern to prepare a good presentation, and punch up your presentation with visual aids.

After you complete this course, you will be able to establish rapport with your audience, implement techniques to reduce nervousness and fear, understand your strengths as a presenter and how to appeal to different types of people, recognize how visual aids can create impact and attention, develop techniques to create a professional presence, learn some different ways to prepare and organize information, and prepare, practice, and deliver a short presentation.

Table of Contents

1. Session One: Course Overview
Learning Objectives
Pre-Course Assessment
2. Session Two: Communication
About Communication
Simple Conversations
Simple Conversation Tips
3. Session Three: Stop! Check Your Mouth!
Speaking Characteristics
Gender References Exercise
Acronyms and Jargon
Five Good Rules
4. Session Four: What Is Your Type? How About Mine?
The Assessment
Identifying Your Characteristics and Preferences
What Does it Mean to Have a Number?
What Is Important?
People That Are Most Like Me
People That Are Least Like Me
5. Session Five: Positive Self-Talk
Our Thoughts
The Steps to Feeling Good
Thinking Positively
6. Session Six: Rapport
Building Rapport
Making Connections: Self-Disclosure
Creating an Introduction
7. Session Seven: Maximizing Meetings
Four Areas of Opportunity
Fifteen Ways to Master a Meeting
Mastering Your Meeting Exercise
Learning Names
8. Session Eight: Body Language
Body Language Signals
9. Session Nine: Sticky Situations
Are You Comfortable?
Dealing with Tough Situations
Dressing Up
10. Session Ten: I Can Just Send an E-mail, Right?
Advantages of an Oral Presentation
Oratory Exercise
Oratory Exercise: Practice Paragraph
11. Session Eleven: Overcoming Nervousness
About Nervousness
Nervousness Can Have Many Sources
Putting Yourself in Control
Mastering Non-verbal
12. Session Twelve: The Five S’s
Five Points for Any Presentation
Framework Example
Preparing with the Five-S Pattern
13. Session Thirteen: Start Writing!
Following the Opening Statement
Exercise: Beginning a Presentation
Transitioning to the Body
Example of a Transition in a Presentation
Enhancing Your Presentation with Stories, Numbers, and Examples Endings
Making Connections: Think Fast!
Your Fast Thinking Presentation
14. Session Fourteen: Audience Profile
Preparing an Audience Profile
Making Connections: Your Next Presentation
15. Session Fifteen: Your Speaking Voice
Parts of Your Message
Vocal Variety
Paying Attention to Your Voice
Mastering Your Material
16. Session Sixteen: Add Punch to Your Presentation
The Power of Threes
Well Known Tripling Examples
Visual Aids
Tips for Using Visual Aids
More Tips for Using Visual Aids
Analyzing Visual Aids
Adding Punch Summary
Lessons Learned
17. Session Seventeen: Your Presentation Preparation
18. Personal Action Plan
Starting Point
Where I Want to Go
How I Will Get There
19. Course Summary
20. Recommended Reading List
21. Post-Course Assessment