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Critical Elements of Customer Service

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Critical Elements of Customer Service

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Today, customers expect more from companies than ever before. This course is designed around six critical elements of customer service that create a unique experience for the people purchasing your products.

This course is all about the critical elements of customer service: a customer service focus that is defined within, and given life by, your organization. In order to be successful, this focus must be reinforced every day, measured, and improved upon.

Table of Contents

1. Course Overview
Course Overview
Learning Objectives
Pre-Course Assessment
2. What is Customer Service?
What is Customer Service?
Who Are Your Customers?
Meeting Expectations
3. Pre-Assignment Review
Pre-Assignment Review
Making Connections
4. Setting Goals
Creating a Personal Vision Statement
Identifying and Setting Goals
What is a SMART Goal?
How to Create a SMART Goal Statement
Making Connections
5. The Critical Elements of Customer Service
Six Elements of Customer Service
The First Critical Element – A Focus on Customer Service
6. The Second Critical Element – Procedures
What Are Out Standards?
Drafting Standards
Making Connections
7. The Third Critical Element - Culture
What Do You Think?
8. The Fourth Critical Element – Problem-Solving
Seven Steps to Customer Problem Solving
Making Connections
9. The Fifth Critical Element - Measurement
Tools to Use
Measurement in Practice
10. The Sixth Critical Element - Reinforcement
Reinforcement Techniques
Developing and Maintaining Relationships
Recognizing the Power of Your Behaviour
Likeability Works
11. Communication Skills
Defining Communication
Body Language Basics
Asking Questions
Dangerous Misconceptions
Power Talk
How to Feel Powerful in Your Position
12. Telephone Techniques
Telephone Basics
Handling Everyday Requests
Taking a Message
Tips and Tricks
13. Dealing With Difficult Customers
Reducing Conflict
Caller Behavior
14. Dealing With Challenges Assertively
An Assertiveness Model
Dealing With Challenges
15. Dealing with Difficult People
Getting to the Heart of the Matter
What is Missing?
The Three F’s
Service Difficult People
The Recovery Process
16. Reflective Practice
Conducting a Reflection
Extra Information
17. Dealing With Stress
About Stress
18. Personal Action Plan
19. Course Summary
20. Recommended Reading List
21. Post-Course Assessment