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Employee Recognition: Appreciating Your Workforce

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Employee Recognition: Appreciating Your Workforce

Price: $ 49.95+GST

This course aims to show you the value of having an employee recognition program at your workplace. Along the way it will also give you the tools to create one of your own that you can apply in your own company with beneficial results for all.

Here you are going to learn just what an employee recognition program is all about. Youre going to consider who falls under the definition of an employee and then decide why you should provide recognition for them. You will also look at the types of recognition programs, how to lay the foundation for one, and then how to actually build, implement, and follow up on a program in your office.

Table of Contents

1. Course Overview
2. Employees
Who are Your Employees
Strategies for Virtual and Remote Team Success
3. Why Do It?
Why recognize Your Employees?
4. Appreciation
Where Does Recognition
Overlap Just Doing Your Job?
To Motivate or Instigate
What Can a Supervisor Do to Motivate Others
5. Laying the Groundwork
Setting the Stage
6. The Nuts and Bolts
The Framework
How to Implement a Recognition Program
Follow up
7. Personal Action Plan
8. Recommended Reading List
9. Post-Course Assessment