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Motivation Training: Motivating Your Workforce

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Motivation Training: Motivating Your Workforce

Price: $ 49.95+GST

Its no secret that employees who feel valued and recognized are more motivated, responsible, and productive. This course will help you create a more dynamic, loyal, and energized workplace.

To start this course, you will learn about some basic motivation theories. You will also learn about setting goals, identifying values, and ways to create a motivational climate.

Table of Contents

1. Course Overview
2. What is Motivation?
3. Supervising and Motivation
Why is Motivation Important?
Identifying Motivators
4. Motivational Theories
A Look at Theory
Pre-Assignment Review
5. Setting Goals
Setting Goals with SPIRIT
Goal Setting and Goal Getting!
6. The Role of Values
Work Values
What Do We Value In Work?
Bringing It All Together
7. Creating a Motivational Climate
Behavioral (Reinforcement) Theory
Expectancy Theory
McClelland’s Needs Theory
8. Applying Your Skills
Situational Analysis
Case Studies
9. Designing Motivating Jobs
Designing My Job
Techniques for Job Design or Redesign
A Motivational Checklist
10. Personal Action Plan
11. Recommended Reading List
12. Post-Course Assessment