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Delegation: The Art Of Delegating Effectively

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Delegation: The Art Of Delegating Effectively

Price: $ 49.95+GST

Effective delegation is one of the most valuable skills you can master. It reduces your workload while developing employee skills and preparing them for advancement. This course will explore the delegation process and give you the skills you need to start delegating effectively.

This course will teach you how delegation can make you more successful, ways that you can delegate, techniques for giving instructions, how to monitor delegation results, and how to give good feedback. You will also learn an eight-step delegation process that you can customize for any situation.

Table of Contents

1. Course Overview
2. Why Delegate?
Advantages and Disadvantages
More on Delegation
3. What is Delegation?
Delegation Definitions
Levels of Delegation
Guidelines for Success
Lateral Delegation
4. Pre-Assignment Review
5. Picking the Right Person
6. The Delegation Meeting
7. Putting it into Practice
8. Giving Instructions
Three Types of Instructions
Preparing Instructions
9. Monitoring Delegation
10. Practicing Delegation
Decision One
Decision Two
Decision Three
Decision Four
Decision Five
11. Giving Feedback
The Ingredients of Good Feedback
Case Studies
12. Becoming a Good Delegator
13. Personal Action Plan
14. Recommended Reading List
15. Post-Course Assessment