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Managing Across Cultures

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Managing Across Cultures

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The world is getting smaller and smaller with the increasing influence of the Internet, widespread travel, and multinational corporations. Along with this shrinking of the globe comes an influx of diverse cultures into the office setting. To make this transition a positive one its vital to have the skills to understand and welcome several cultures. This course takes a look at how best to smoothly blend employees from several cultures into a cohesive workforce.

During this course you will learn about cultures and how to integrate them into the workforce through effective communication and team building. In addition, you are going to be shown ways managing over a cross-cultural spectrum and building a multicultural organization by dipping into the global talent pool.

Table of Contents

1. Course Overview
2. What Is Culture?
Defining Culture
About Stereotypes
Making Connections
Globally Useful Attitudes
3. Communicating Effectively
High and Low Context Culture
Communication Differences
Across Cultures
Communication Skills
Handling Miscommunication
4. Team Building Across Cultures
The Five Stages of Team Development
Tips on Working with Virtual Teams
5. Managing Across Cultures The Cornerstones of Diversity
How Far Do You Accommodate?
Dealing with Culture-Based Conflicts between Employees
Giving Culturally Sensitive
6. Building a Multicultural Organization
Making Connections
Creating Inclusive Programs for New Employees
7. Working with the Global Talent Pool
8. Personal Action Plan
9. Recommended Reading List
10. Post-Course Assessment