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Women and Leadership: Owning Your Strengths and Skills

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Women and Leadership: Owning Your Strengths and Skills

Price: $ 49.95+GST

More and more women are gradually making their way into positions of power in the workplace. Taking this course will empower you to more fully explore your virtues as a potential leader while looking at various examples of powerful women, and conducting exercises to enhance your skills.

At the end of this course you will understand a brief history and evolution of women and leadership. You will recognize leadership barriers, how to handle them, and use them to create benefits. You will know about social and emotional intelligence, and self-awareness. You will be able to develop a basic vision and brand for your leadership and understand essential leadership skills. You will also examine decision making and create a workplace philosophy statement and action plan.

Table of Contents

1. Course Overview
2. Women and the Workforce
Learning from our History
3. Barriers and Benefits to Women’s Leadership
Barriers vs. Benefits
Improving Self-Management
through Reflection
4. Social and Emotional Intelligence
Defining Emotional
5. Self-Awareness
Understanding Self-Awareness
6. Developing Leadership Awareness and Brand
Personal Inventory
Creating and Selling Your brand
Making Connections
Selling and Screening your Brand and Ideas
7. Leadership Skills
Identifying Relationship Skills
Identifying Leadership Skills
8. Making Good Decisions
Ingredients of a good Decision
Good Decision – Poor Decision
Decidsion Wheel Method
9. Creating Your Workplace Philosophy
Philosophy Statement
10. Personal Action Plan
11. Recommended Reading List
12. Post-Course Assessment