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Public Speaking: Speaking Under Pressure

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Public Speaking: Speaking Under Pressure

Price: $ 49.95+GST

If you are a new speaker who feels nervous about the task at hand, or an experienced speaker who wants to learn more about being put on the spot, then this course is just for you. It focuses on speaking under pressure, which means being able to quickly organize your thoughts and being able to convey them meaningfully to your audience.

This course will take you through preparing an effective presentation. Topics include planning your speech, identifying your audience, connecting with the listener, developing key themes and sentences, structuring your ideas, and managing nervousness and body language. Youll focus on short responses and learn ways to expand a basic presentation.

Table of Contents

1. Course Overview
2. Getting Started
What is Speaking Under Pressure?
Presentation Preparation
3. Planning
Preparing to Plan
Presentation Preparation
4. Force Field Analysis
What is Force Field Analysis?
Pros and Cons
5. Understanding Your Audience
Understanding Your Audience, Part One
Audience Profiles
Understanding Your Audience, Part Two
Finding Common Ground
Practical Application
6. Controlling Your Jitters
Overcoming Nervousness
7. Making Your Listener Hear You
8. Key Themes
About Key Themes
Practical Application
Key Sentences
9. Key Sentences
10. Structuring Ideas
Three Key Points
Building a Three-Part Plan
Practical Application
11. Organization Methods
Using Time, Place, and Aspect
Practical Application
Two Additional Plans
12. Our Body Language
How the Listener Takes Control
The Meaning Behind Our Message
13. If You Could Be…
14. Beginnings and Endings
15. Expanding a Basic Plan
16. Presentations
17. Personal Action Plan
18. Recommended Reading List
19. Post-Course Assessment