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Six Sigma: Entering the Dojo

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Six Sigma: Entering the Dojo

Price: $ 49.95+GST

This course will give you the skills you need to implement a Six Sigma business improvement plan to your business. You will learn what Six Sigma is and different methods to apply in a practical sense by using a set of tools. You will then wrap things up with a consideration of managing relationships with your customers, both internal and external.

Once you complete Six Sigma: Entering the Dojo your skills in this practical area of business improvement will be prepped and practiced enough to apply them in the real world. You are going to learn about the basics of Six Sigma and about various improvement tools. You will follow that up with a look at management tools for generating ideas. A look at continuous improvement is next on the agenda and the course concludes with a consideration of customer relationships.

Table of Contents

1. Course Overview
2. Six sigma Basics
3. Improvement Tools
Check sheets and Flowcharts
Scatter diagrams and Histograms
Pareto Analysis, Control Charts and Cause-and-Effect Diagrams
Improvement Tool Activity
4. Management Tools for Generating Ideas
Brainstorming and Affinity Diagrams
Other Idea Generating Techniques
5. Continuous Improvement
How to Carry Out a Six Sigma
Continuous Improvement Project
6. Customer Relationships
Customer Satisfaction
Obtaining Customer Feedback
7. Customer Relationships
Customer Satisfaction
Obtaining Customer Feedback
8. Personal Action Plan
9. Recommended Reading List
10. Post-Course Assessment