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Developing a High Reliability Organization

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Developing a High Reliability Organization

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High Reliability Organizations (HROs) are aware of their situations, they take stock of things and take the best approach to deal with trouble before it happens and afterwards as well. This course explores the principles of high reliability, looks at real examples of HROs, and probes the Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster to help showcase the principles.

You will learn what constitutes a High Reliability Organization (HRO), the principles behind high reliability and take a look at a real life disaster that could have benefitted from those principles.

Table of Contents

1. Course Overview
2. What is a High Reliability Organization?
3. Key Concepts
Expectations, Normalization, and Mindfulness
Making Connections
4. The Anticipation Principles
Preoccupation with Failure
Resistance to Simplification
Sensitivity to Operations
Pre-Assignment Review, Part One
5. The Containment Principles
Commitment to Resilience
Deference to Expertise
Pre-Assignment Review, Part Two
6. Auditing for High Reliability
Auditing Techniques
Making Connections
Sample Audit Questions
7. Test Driving
Case Study
Making Connections
8. Personal Action Plan
9. Recommended Reading List
10. Post-Course Assessment