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Planning for Workplace Safety

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Planning for Workplace Safety

Price: $ 49.95+GST

Being safe at work has many benefits for yourself as an employee and for the organization that you are a part of. This course takes a look at all the tools you need to introduce, and craft, an effective safety plan for your workplace. Along the way you will learn about the particular types of responses and plans to handle incidents/accidents.

This course gives you the tools to create a workplace safety plan that covers the all the bases you need to begin to build a safe work environment. You will learn many topics including the basics of a safety policy along with the introduction of a safety plan and how to develop a communications plan.You will learn how to decide upon training solutions for common accidents/incidents and learn of the importance and structure of incident response plans. Also, the course covers 6S inspections, checklists, plus the value of an appendix for the safety plan.

Table of Contents

1. Course Overview
2. Writing a Safety Plan
Elements of the Plan
3. Organizational Safety Policy
Policy Statement
4. Introduction to the Safety Plan
Purpose and Expectations of the Safety Plan
Responsibilities for Safety
5. Communications Plan
Considerations in Developing
your Communication Plan
6. Safety Training
Employee Orientation
Deciding Training
7. Incident Response Plan
Why Do We Investigate Incidents
Incident response Plan
Critical Incident Response Plan
8. Safety and Health Inspections (With 6S)
Safety and Health Inspections
9. Safety Audits
Audit Primer
10. Appendix
11. Personal Action Plan
12. Recommended Reading List
13. Post-Course Assessment