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Developing a Safety Procedures Manual

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Developing a Safety Procedures Manual

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Its all well and good to have a workplace safety plan but once its created how do you communicate that plan to the workforce? Simple. You take that safety plan and use it to develop a safety procedures manual. The manual allows staff to simply follow the procedures when required. This course guides you along the path to creating a comprehensive safety procedures manual. On this journey you will touch upon safety procedures basics, flowcharts, gathering information, procedure writing and fine-tuning, and procedures building.

This course helps you craft a usable manual for your workplace, or for whatever situation you require one. You will learn about safety procedures and safety procedures templates. Also, this course introduces you to how to organize the steps in a procedure and construct a flowchart.Brainstorming allows you to gather information and you will also look at guidelines for writing procedures and learn about communication aids.

Table of Contents

1. Course Overview
2. Setting the Stage
Policies and Procedures
3. Safety Procedures Basics
Developing Safety Procedures
Developing a Safety Procedure Template
4. Flowcharting
Organizing the Steps in the Procedure
Constructing a Flowchart
5. Gathering Information
6. Procedure Writing
Guidelines for Writing Procedures
7. Honing the Draft Procedure
Communication Aids
8. Some Other Methods
Step-by-Step Procedures
Decision Trees
9. Procedures Building
10. Personal Action Plan
11. Recommended Reading List
12. Post-Course Assessment