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Developing a Training Needs Analysis

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Developing a Training Needs Analysis

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Consider training programs that you have taken in the past. Did the skills that you learned benefit your organization? Did they help you do a better job? Did you even take anything beneficial away from the training at all? A training needs analysis can help your participants answer yes to all of these questions, and make sure that their time (and their organizations money) is well spent.

This course covers all the essential elements of a training needs analysis. The first step is using the ICE method to isolate problems, consult with stakeholders, and evaluate your options. Then, you can bring all of the information together into a training needs analysis that will convince readers to take action.

Table of Contents

1. Course Overview
2. A Closer Look at the Training Needs Analysis
What Is It?
Developing the Business Case
Process Overview – The ICE Method
3. Collecting Data
Step One: Identify the Future State
Step Two: Identify the Current State
Steps Three, Four, and Five
Making Connections
Pre-Assignment Review
4. Diving Deeper Into the Data
So Many Questions
The McKinsey 7S Model
SWOT Analysis
Five Whys
Making Connections
5. Creating the Report
6. Taking Action
Making Connections
Designing Evaluations
7. Personal Action Plan
8. Recommended Reading List
9. Post-Course Assessment