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2019VE REA CPD - Issues Beyond the Boundary


2019VE REA CPD - Issues Beyond the Boundary


Utu: $ 29.95+GST

2019 REA Verified Continuing Professional Development Elective 1 1/2 hour course on Issues Beyond the Boundary of the property in question being sold

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Table of Contents

Real Estate CPD - Issues beyond the boundary, covers the following information:

  • Learning outcomes
  • Issues beyond the boundary
  • Disclosure obligations relating to issues beyond the boundary
    • Scenario 1
  • Designations
    • Scenario 2
  • Construction proposals
    • Scenario 3
  • Interaction on site with a client-vendor or lessor
  • Checklist: Sample questions to ask the vendor
  • Approvals given and any signed variations
    • Scenario 4
    • Scenario 5
    • Scenario 6
  • Stigmatised neighbouring properties
  • Dealing with third parties and information learned from them