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Press Release Service

Press Release Service


Price: $ 295.00+GST each

Marketing is the single most important activity for any real estate agent. While "True" by definition, this statement does not say much about the "how" of marketing. In order for agents to distinguish themselves, to stand out from the crowd, marketing must be unique, effective, consistent and targeted.

To accomplish this, most agents watch what successful other agents are doing with their marketing and then "copy-cat" those efforts. This "Sheeple" approach fails, because it always come into play after the successful agent's efforts and secondly, because it actually enhances the very lack of differentiation, the agent is seeking.

OK, so ask yourself, "When did you last see a Press Release of some kind?" Pretty recently I am betting, as they are replayed by print news media, all of the time. Often they look like news stories, but without Press Releases, your local paper would be very thin indeed.

So, what has this to do with your agent marketing activities? Lots!

I bet that you do not see many news articles written about real estate agents. Remember that "Unique" requirement from above? Well, having a news story, not an ad, written about you, now that my friends is unique!

But how do you go about getting that "News Story" written about you? The Press Release is the answer.

A press release is a written communication reporting specific, but brief information about an event, circumstance, or other happening typically tied to a business or organisation.

Press releases are provided to the media through a variety of means, most often via a press release distribution service.

So, you know what they are, but:
  • Aren't they way too expensive? Usually, yes, but because e-Agent puts out a continuous stream of press releases about everything we do; adding a few more about you, does not represent a problem. In addition, because we produce so many releases ourselves, our publishing costs are greatly reduced. We are quite willing to pass some of that savings on to you.
  • Great, but I have no idea how to write a press release! You do not have to, as with some brief input from you (see our Press Release form Here:) we write the release; we publish the release (to thousands of news media sources) and you reap the marketing benefits.